‘Making News’ - The development of an app to creatively solve a long term communications problem.


Our client, Ibstock plc approached us to help them update their company newsletter. Over the last 25 years it had been produced in various print formats from an A4 magazine to broadsheet newspaper. It was then posted to all employees but this had become very infrequent, often out of date - even before it had been produced as well as expensive. The company was looking for something different and as a newly floated plc, a mechanism to communicate corporate and business information to employees across its 4 key UK brands. The key criteria of our brief were that the document should be much easier to produce and update and that costs should be kept to an absolute minimum!


After meeting with the marketing and HR stakeholders we proposed a number of potential solutions including traditional print options but also a bespoke smartphone app.

Our app solution was chosen as it offered many advantages over the more conventional print options, especially as most employees had access to smartphones.


Through our access to cutting edge website and app development expertise we developed an innovative digital solution.

Our design and branding skills created an engaging and accessible user interface.

Close collaboration with the client team at every stage fully realised their brief and exceeded expectations.



Ibstock plc is one of the UK’s largest building materials manufacturers. It is the market leader in clay bricks, concrete building products and rooftiles. It has a turnover in excess £900m, employing 2400 people at over 60 sites across the UK and USA.


App development

Creative design

Close client collaboration


Using our app offers many benefits:

• The app is quick and easy to keep up to date.

• Immediate broadcasting of news.

• Saves money on both print and postage costs.

• Video and other media can be included to give a more engaging experience.

• As a ‘closed’ app, it ensures that information is kept secure and can only be accessed by authorised users. This also provides detailed use statistics and to highlight topics of special interest.

• It can be easily rebranded, helping the different businesses within Ibstock plc take ownership of it.