Ashcrofts have been working with us to help redefine our brand, increasing awareness of both our range of products and us as a company in the marketplace, including redefining our exhibition presence. They provide creative solutions, going above and beyond to help us meet tight deadlines and always providing an excellent service.

Marketing Manager



Perfect outlet

Launching Supreme Concretes new sales support initiative required several disciplines. We had to create the brand and material that would be visible in each merchants yard,  an animation to show their customers how it would work in their environment, design an activation plan to help engage their customers and produce all the point of sale/supporting material.

Supreme Concrete based their initiative on specific sales levers aimed at helping merchants sell more of the country’s leading concrete product ranges, more profitably.

Supremes experienced team firstly helped
their customers understand which were the
right ranges to stock. It was our job to engage their end users to make informed decisions
on the right products to purchase quickly
and confidently.

Our designs had to maximise the value of each sale by bringing together products and accessories that work naturally with one another.

Visibility was paramount with clearly set out messages, expressing the depth of range and benefits of each.

With the first ‘Perfect Outlet’ successfully piloted, Supreme are now selling more together with their customers.