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I cannot stress the breadth of expertise within the Ashcroft team. I also have to draw attention to their in-depth knowledge of our business which has made them an integral part of our marketing team.

They have been chosen for projects ahead of multinational agencies.

Ibstock Brick Marketing Manager





Creating the largest, most inspiring & comprehensive
clay manufacturing brochure in the market.

Ibstock are the country’s largest brickmaker. Their products
have become the first choice for building the homes,
places and spaces for people across the UK.
It was our job to reflect this.

Each individual product was photographed, colour corrected and proofed in-house.

Ashcroft Creative are one of the few agencies that have the in-house skills and facilities to ensure precise and consistent colour management.

To manage Ibstocks 10,000+ catalogued images we have developed Ibstocks online image bank with varying levels of access for both internal and external use. This provides an invaluable, instant resource for all their marketing activities.

Building Components & Specials Range

Our challenge was to create a scenario where every product could be demonstrated in use.

We worked closely with one of Ibstocks Regional Design Managers to make sure that all our illustrations represented good practice. The finished results provide Ibstock with one of the industries most comprehensive guides to Special Shaped Bricks.

To accompany this Portfolio of Ibstock products, we have created the Ibstock App for iPads to 'Explore' even more about Ibstock and their products; from videos showing the brickmaking processes that create such a diverse range of fired clay products to inspiring project galleries that showcase the colours and textures throughout their range. Suitable for iPads, Ibstock Explore gives their customers exclusive access to a range of project images, information and video content, designed to supplement this Portfolio.