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Water the way you want it

Pronteau 4 in 1 kitchen taps are the latest innovation by Abode and cater for your every need in the kitchen; stylishly, simply, safely and Instantly.

These newly patented 4 in 1 mixertaps offer all the benefits of our kitchen mixers with the addition of filtered cold and 80 -98° filtered steaming hot water on demand. Refreshing British Design. The slim-line Pronteau 4 in 1 taps come in a wide range of different designs that co-ordinate perfectly with the kitchen décor of your choice. They are ideal for new installations or for upgrades and retrospective installations. Whatever the style  or finish the Pronteau range of taps will offer you the same impressive 4 in 1 functionality from all variants.

Ashcrofts created the Pronteau campaign, including the new branding, strapline, photography, brochures, emailers as well as all the supporting advertising, merchandising and web banners.


I cannot stress the breadth of expertise within the Ashcroft team. I also have to draw attention to their in-depth knowledge of our business which has made them an integral part of our marketing team.

They have been chosen for projects ahead of multinational agencies.

Helen Clark
Abode Marketing Manager