One example of effective branding was our creation of the ‘LINEAR’ brand to describe extra-long bricks, so successful has this become in capturing the essence of the product, it is now effectively the industry ‘generic’ name for this type of product – a potentially very powerful situation to be in for our client to use.

Similarly, when Ibstock plc floated on the London Stock Exchange, our knowledge of the constituent businesses with their goals and objectives meant that we were able to provide a solution to bring together the four individual business groups under a new Ibstock plc brand. This was implemented in a sympathetic and cohesive way that covered marketing materials, digital, signage and livery both in the UK and USA.

Proven branding and corporate identity expertise, industry sector and financial markets knowledge made the Ashcroft Creative team the natural creative partner for the Brickability Group plc in their journey towards flotation on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) of the London Stock Exchange. Sometimes there is a temptation by ‘consultants’ to select branding agencies that have no knowledge or experience of the business or sector in the hope of getting something completely ‘fresh’. Sadly, often this simply risks higher costs through a lack of understanding of the organisation and its markets and unimaginative ‘off the peg’ design solutions that fail to meet expectations, ultimately leading to client frustration – not a happy situation!

The Brickability Group plc provided us with a series of challenges. This fast-growing business required a ‘plc’ identity that reflected its position as the UK’s leading distributor of specialist building materials. This had to be applied to 19 individual businesses, complementing not compromising their hard-earned reputations. The approach must also allow for growth and the addition of new businesses. All of this to be completed within a tight deadline driven by the AIM flotation timetable!

We pulled our core team together and undertook a series of intense briefing and research meetings to scope out the project and identify any critical issues. Then working with key members of the management team, we created and presented a series of highly targeted design solutions which were then shortlisted and refined. Once the final choice was made, this was presented to the businesses and the marketing teams provided with the support to implement it. Overall this new identity has helped give stakeholders such as; investors, employees, customers and suppliers a clear understanding of the scale of the group and is helping to build upon the Group’s combined strength without losing the entrepreneurial vigour of the individual businesses…..quite a challenge and quite an achievement!


1. What is the problem that the branding exercise is trying to solve?

It could be new products, poor sales, competitor action, change of ownership.

2. Do you really need to do it? Be honest!!


3. Who is going to be affected – who are your stakeholders? They will be both internal and external to the organisation and will need to be communicated with at some appropriate time.

These may include; investors, customers, suppliers, employees, etc.

4. What is the scope of the (re-)branding exercise?

Identify the ‘red-lines’.

5. Confirm budget, timescale, confidentiality constraints and
business/management expectations.

6. Review existing branding – the positives and negatives. It is important not to ‘throw baby out with the bathwater’! Your existing identity/branding will already have much that is good and successful.

7.  What are the essential elements that need to be included?

8. Get creative! Generate the ideas!

Use your creative agencies to help here - You need plenty of options to establish the look
and feel of the business/brand.

Over the last 20 years, we at Ashcroft Creative have been involved in creating some seriously iconic product brands and corporate identities that have had real resonance for both the businesses and their customers in equal measure. It is this track record that gives our clients the confidence to know that we can design effective branding and identities but also implement them for maximum impact through marketing support materials and across the digital and physical aspects of the businesses such as packaging, vehicle liveries, stationery and signage.